Money for Boat to School! Apply NOW

School districts, there is now money available for this Boat to School project!

Applications are open for grant money from Oregon House Bill 2800. School districts can apply for money for purchasing Oregon seafood for school lunch! The grant proposal has a quick turn around in all steps, so do not lose time in applying! Only a school district is allowed to apply. This application was created to be easy to fill out on SurveyMonkey. This money will go towards purchasing Oregon foods in school lunches as well as farm to school and school garden education. If you do not work for a school district, please consider helping your district fill out the applications, if need be.

Check the Oregon Department of Education’s website for the application.

In 2011, the Oregon State Legislature enacted HB 2800, the Farm to School & School Garden Bill (House Bill 2800, (Clem & Kotek)). HB 2800 directs the Oregon Department of Education to award grants to school districts for reimbursement of costs incurred in purchasing Oregon food products that meet certain criteria and for funding food-based, agriculture-based and garden-based educational activities.


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